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Welcome to Quick N’ Healthy Meals!

My name is Dawn and I’m the founder of quicknhealthymeals.com. I have struggled with weight for much of my adult life and I’ve tried almost every diet out there. I’ve done so many diets, I can easily outline which ones are helpful and which are outright dangerous.

After many years of trial and error, I’ve gained a lot of insight into the impact of food on our bodies and our well-being. Today, I know that the best diet for me involves cooking and eating healthy meals using wholesome ingredients and simple recipes.

We are all different and have different nutritional needs. We also come from diverse cultures where food plays an integral part of our unique traditions. In recognition of our differences, I’ve included meals with highly customizable recipes. You will find alternative and substitute ingredients for almost any recipe or meal.

I will also publish recipes for meals that fit various lifestyles and ways of eating including for diabetics, hypertensives, the over-weight or anyone looking for healthy substitutes for their favorite recipes.

My goal is to create and share recipes and meal ideas that anyone can make using simple, wholesome ingredients. No matter your lifestyle or way of eating, you’ll be sure to find recipes for meals here that are tasty and healthy. Learn more here.







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