Month: June 2019

Healthy Frozen Foods

  Convenience is of great importance to me, especially when it comes to meal preparation. I’ve never aspired to be a chef de cuisine, rather someone who is adept at preparing quick, easy, healthy and […]

Turmeric Tea

  A warm, soothing, anti-inflammatory tea to help relax and calm your nerves after a stressful day.

Natural Health Supplements

  In this day and age, most things are about efficiency and speed and this goes doubly so when it comes to taking health supplements. Think about it, natural health supplements can greatly simplify life […]

Antioxidants and Foods

  We hear a lot these days about antioxidants and how they are important for our health and well being. We even get recommendations on what foods we can eat or which supplements we can […]

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Pudding

A version of this article¬†originally appeared on It’s time again for another recipe post and of course, it will involve chocolate! My friends over at MadeByHemp forwarded this great, healthy chocolate pudding made with […]

Lactose Free Cheese

  I’m on Quora a lot because I find it to be a great platform to learn about all manner of subjects and hear from people all over the world. I get a lot of […]

Intermittent Fasting and Keto

A version of this article originally appeared on HVMN¬† The ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting have more in common than you may believe. When combining the two practices, they may be able to synergistically work […]

How To Use Hemp Oil

A version of this article originally appeared on It’s time again for another post from my friends over at MadeByHemp. Today we are answering a question I hear from people who are curious about […]

Foods To Eat To Lower Cholesterol

  I was recently on Quora and a variation of the same question kept coming up in my feed: “what foods can I eat to lower cholesterol?” Since I am ever the problem-solver and I […]

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